For Immediate Release: Gulfstream Hardscape, LLC and Gulfstream Garages, LLC in order to concentrate brand recognition, has merged into Gulfstream Hardscape & Garages, in Vero Beach, FL
In an announcement earlier this week, Paul & Eraina Engel have announced that in order secure market share, they have merged their two companies, Gulfstream Hardscape & Gulfstream Garages as one independent Company, named “Gulfstream Hardscape & Garages.
WEBWIRE – Release Date
Paul and Eraina Engel announced on Monday, August 27th, 2012 that along with a new Corporate logo, & website that they where merging their two companies into one, now called Gulfstream Hardscape & Garages, they will continue to install premium hardscape such as driveways, pool decks, patios, fire-pits and outdoor kitchens, with natural stone, concrete, synthetic and recycled pavers and other hardscape products.
Gulfstream will also continue to promote their line of extremely high quality Epoxy Floor finishes for Garages, commercial and industrial applications, along with their custom Garage Storage Solutions.
We have decided start focusing on our brand recognition, starting with a new design of unique custom made “Truck Sign Wraps” for our fleet of trucks, these give us the professional appearance that matches the caliber of the company we have built over the years. These trucks have become the best form of advertising that we use, standing out along the road and job-sites, listing all of the services we offer.
We have added a new corporate logo, and rolled out a new website that also acts as out “Virtual Showroom”, This website is an ongoing project, continuously updated with new products, new projects, a testimonial page, as well as a lot of general information that a client can understand and make a knowledgeable decision on changing, updating and adding our products to their home or commercial property.
Over the years we have won numerous awards, installed unique projects that stand out in our industry, some a little as a small homeowner patio, or as large as over a million square feet, and after 16 years we have been awarded the prestigious title of “Master Craftsman” one of only a few in the entire country. This designation is not only difficult to obtain, but difficult to keep, we must continuously make improvements to all phases of our business plan from bidding to construction to be recognized as one of the leaders in our industry. This includes constant educational support, offering a 5 year warranty on residential projects, as well as making sure we have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
Some additional tools we now offer are because we have entered into a trade partnership with Oldcastle Coastal, this has enabled us to offer our clients a “Same As Cash Financing” program, where the client can get approved in as little as ten minutes over the phone, without the need for collateral, or any money down for up to $45,000.00 in improvements.
Oldcastle is one of the largest Corporations in the United States, this will make it easy should the economy allow us to expand our very successful program into additional locations throughout the united states.
Our “Online Visualizer” is available so our clientele can see what their house will look like after construction while still in the design phase. This gives our clients the ability to go from different materials and colors and actually see what their home will look like when finished.
Gulfstream Hardscape & Pavers has continued to perform well, has increased sales and moved forward while most companies in our industry have faltered, or closed their doors.
We see enough growth this year, to add additional staff and equipment and should our economical climate change for the better, feel that expansion out of the area is a good place to focus.


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